Parish Timeline

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1871- Father John Golden, ordained in 1871, tells of baptizing children in the Morrinsville area, when the town only consisted of a Hotel and a store.


1905- First Masses are celebrated on a regular basis

1913- The first church was built in Morrinsville, worth about £530.00

1924- Church moved to its present site, costing about £600

1927- Morrinsville became an official separate Parish- the first priest was Father Shore

1928- The Priest's Presbytery was built

1930- The Convent school opens with 82 pupils (Now St Joseph's School).

           The local magazine,"Message" is distributed to 32 subscribers. Music lessons were $22

           The first two months of 1930 were busy, as the Sisters were preserving fruit from the trees on the property. They also had a cow called 'Daisy". There were no blackboards. There were 5 sisters at the time

1933- Rev. MM St Clothilde who had been the Prioress of Hamilton, became ill and came to Morrinsville as an invalid. She died on the 17th January 1934

1935- There were 85 pupils and 14 new pupils

1942- Rev. Father O'Doherty was transferred to the Avondale Parish and Father J. Downey came to Morrinsville

1943- Sister M St. Mellitus became well enough to teach in the Infant School

1945- There were now no invalids in the community

1946- There were 5 sisters in the Community

1951- There are now 7 sisters in the Community

1953- The Statue of Our Lady was blessed in the Grotto

1955- The silver jubilee celebrations of the Morrinsville Convent were held on the 25th of January with Mass in the morning and a festive dinner

1956- 57 senior pupils went to Auckland to attend the Catholic Exhibition. They were billeted for one night in Panmure homes.

1956 - Three School Inspectors visited St. Joseph's School and expressed themselves as being pleased with the work being done.

           The Catholic Womens' League stocked the Sisters' Pantry. They had a pantry evening.

2000- Present Day

2006- Father Don arrived as the parish Priest from Auckland

2013- May- Father Mark O 'Keeffe arrived as parish Priest from England

          - June- It was announced to the Parish that the old church was going to be demolished in the new year


2014- February- Masses were being held in the School Hall while the demolition was in progress

            March- The demolition of the old church was successfully completed.

            June- Morrinsvile Parishioner Jack East is awarded the Bene Merenti Medal by Bishop Emeritus Dennis Browne

            July- It is announced to the Parish that there are enough funds to begin the work on the New Church

                     News is received that  Fr. Joseph from Te Aroha has been recalled, and so the Parishes in the area were to combine into one large Parish so that Father Mark would be     able to serve all 3 parishes

        August- Earthworks begin on site for the New Church

           September/October- Pews from the church have been refurbished and recovered and put back into the Centre. Construction of the New Church begins, with Hawkins                            managing the project.

           December- The New Church is opened on the 14th September by Bishop Emeritus Dennis Browne


February- Deacons Stuart Young and Joseph George (from Fairfield) are ordained as Transitional Deacons by Bishop Emeritus Denis Browne in Morrinsvile's New Church

March- Newly installed Bishop Steve Lowe announces the new Clergy Appointments, including Father JeLo who has been appointed as the new Parish Administrator 

September- Deacons Stuart Young and Joseph George are ordained to the priesthood at the Cathedral of The Blessed Virgin Mary. Fr Stuart celebrates his first Mass in Morrinsvile on the 10th September 2015

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