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Sacred Heart Girls' College    
Sacred Heart Girls' College educates and inspires young women to be confident, connected, Catholic, learners for life; committed to excellence, ready to serve, to challenge and to shape the future.

Sacred Heart Girls’ College is situated in Hamilton East, Hamilton. The college is a state integrated Catholic girls’ secondary school for Years 9 to 13 and is a Decile 7 school. Our roll in 2013 was 920 plus 20 international students.Our Special Character and charism comes from the Mission Sisters and their foundress, Euphrasie Barbier. Sacred Heart was established in 1884 by the Sisters of Our Lady of the Missions and, in 1995, was vested by the Order to the Mission College Hamilton Trust. Our proprietors are the Mission College Trust Board who are responsible for all property and capital works.

Sacred Heart Girls’ College is a Catholic learning community that strives for excellence in all endeavours. Our motto – Age Quod Agis – challenges our young women to do their very best in whatever they are undertaking. As a learning community, our focus is on building successful learning relationships with each other, with our students, with our parents and whanau and with our wider community. To build successful learning relationships, we need to focus on understanding each person as a learner, to be willing and open to learn from each other and be prepared to critically reflect on our own work to ensure we are constantly striving to improve. Sacred Heart Girls’ College, Hamilton will support all our students to live and relate in a multicultural environment and will provide opportunities for all learners to learn and achieve in an inclusive and supportive learning environment.

Special Character:
    In the religious education programme, our faith, its values and its meaning are explored at different levels throughout the school.
    The national syllabus prepared by the National Centre for Religious Studies is followed in Years 9 – 11. In Year 12 and 13, there is a more intellectual approach to the understanding of the moral doctrinal and social teachings of the church.

    Retreats are an essential requirement for each class during the year. These are a time when the students can withdraw from school classes and spend a time in prayer, reflection and thoughtful discussion. Through the sharing of one’s beliefs and values, a retreat can be a very deeply spiritual and meaningful experience, strengthening bonds of friendship, understanding and unity within this community.

  • The pastoral care network is a support system in the school so that each student can be helped to get the most out of her time at the college.
    Guidance and counselling is based on the recognition of the dignity and worth of each individual and the aim is to increase a student’s capacity to take responsibility for her own direction. The network in the school begins with the tutor teachers, who, with the dean at each level, have a special interest in the welfare of the group of students under their care. The school has a full time counsellor who is available to students and to parents. Senior students work in with junior tutor classes, giving them an opportunity for leadership and providing a system of peer support. Senior students also assist voluntarily with tutoring of junior students who may ask for help.