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An update from the Parish Council

posted Oct 1, 2016, 3:31 PM by Parishes of The Holy Family   [ updated Oct 1, 2016, 3:42 PM ]
Working with Father JeLo we have set workable mass times for each Parishes weekend Masses. Prior to each liturgical 
season, i.e. Easter, Christmas, Feast Days. We work with Father to set Mass times, which in some cases brings all 3 Parishes together. 

When possible we work with each of the Parishes in planning individually or collectively Sacramental Programs, such as First Communion, R.C.I.A Programmes etc.

We participate in Social Justice Meetings and held a Social Justice week on 11-17 September.

We have representation on the Diocesan Pastoral Council. 
We have planned “YEAR OF MERCY” prayer days for 25-27th October. We have a combined Parishes Pilgrimage of Mercy to Te Puna on Saturday 29th October as part of the “Year of Mercy”

Working with all 3 Parishes we have had very enjoyable combined Parish Social gatherings, such as the Christmas Dinner that was held in Te Aroha.

With having a representative from each of our schools on the council, we receive reports from them each month which is invaluable in having the crossover of involvement between schools and Parishes.

We have gone through an S.W.O.T Analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats). This has helped us to see where we have come and where we may grow in our Faith and Parish life.  This has highlighted to us the many strengths and qualities our Parishioner have. 

In terms of finances, We have combined the 3 House Accounts into one Account to cater for the needs and Living costs of our Priest. Each Parishes' Parish Account is still in the hands of each individual parish for their own requirements and for the purpose of repairs, and maintenance, and for paying day-to-day parish accounts.

The Parish Council have been supporting the Te Aroha Parish in their endeavours to build Residences next to the church. At each monthly meeting we receive reports on what has been happening in our individual Parishes, and discuss any issues. We are there to support Father JeLo in whatever way we can.

With the intention to have council members change every 3-4 years, we are at the point where we now need other Parishioners to step up and take a turn as a Council Member. We invite you to put your name forward to represent your Parish – please contact any current member, or Father JeLo.

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