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Easter Mass Times 2015

Mass times for Easter
 Date Time & Location Feast Day Intentions
 Holy Week Monday
 30th March
 No Mass No Mass 
 Holy Week Tuesday
 31st April
 10.00am- Paeroa
Chrism Mass-7.00pm
Cathedral of The BVM

 Holy Week Wednesday
 1st April
 10.00am Morrinsville TBA TBA 
 Holy Week Thusday
 2nd April
 Paeroa- 7.30pm Liturgy with Communion TBA
 Good Friday
 3rd April
 Te Aroha- 9.30am
 Morrinsville- 10.00am
 Morrinsville- 3.00pm
 Paeroa- 9.30pm
 Way of The Cross- Te Aroha Domain
 "Procession of the Cross"- Meet at the Methodist Church
 Liturgy of the Lord's Passion
 Way of The Cross- Starting from St Mary's
 Holy Saturday
 4th April
 Te Aroha- 7.30pm Eucharistic Mass- Feast of the Resurrection TBA
 Easter Sunday
 5th April
 Morrinsville- 10.00am Eucharistic Mass- Feast of the Resurrection  TBA
 Easter Monday
 6th April