The New Church (2014- )

In 2013 the parish was faced with issues associated with the existing church failing to meet the building earthquake standards. The cost of rectifying the issues well exceeded the cost of constructing a new church. As a result after considerable parish consultation, and a request for parishioners to pledge what they could for a new church, plans were developed to match as much as possible the parishioner’s requirements and the funds that the parish could commit to.

The result has been a design for a new church which has the approval of the parish and the diocese, and which very much exemplifies the values promoted by Pope Francis of the humble Church, active and alive in its community. Designnetwork of Hamilton have designed  a church that will easily accommodate 310 people, with a further 50 able to be accommodated in the foyer and a further capacity to utilise the parish centre which will be attached to the new church.

The project is being undertaken in stages, stage 1 being the construction of the new church, with offices and an ablutions area. Stage 2 will be a sealed car parking area, and the final stage will be a refurbishment of the parish centre. “The parishioners have dug deep and made a significant commitment to the new church”, former Parish priest Father Mark O’Keeffe says.” It is a further tribute to the parish the both stages 1 and 2 will be able to commence this year (2014),” he said.

The design enables the church to become a beautiful and sacred place of worship, and particular attention has been placed on the modern liturgical requirements while ensuring that as many of the fittings from the previous church can be utilised. This will see the sanctuary furnishings all being accommodated in the new church. The Baptismal font and Ambo are all from the old church. A new altar is being constructed from the deconstructed former altar to enhance the continuity from old to new. 

Jake O'Flaherty's documentary on the New Church:                                     The Timelapse story of the New Church

Timelapse Story Of The New Church