Sunday 28th May 2017 | The Ascension of The Lord

posted May 27, 2017, 10:42 PM by Parish of The Holy Family
The Blessing of the new classrooms at St Joseph’s School in Te Aroha will be held on Friday, 2nd June at 10am. This will be presided by Bishop Steve. All welcome. Because of this, there will be No 11am Mass in Morrinsville on Friday, as I will be attending the Blessing. 

Congratulations to the children who were baptised at St Mary’s Church, Paeroa last week. Let us pray for them that they will come to know the Lord more deeply as they grow and that their families will make an effort to take these children to Mass to be sustained and nourished spiritually. Thanks to Cath Sweney and to Annette McWater for helping organise the Baptisms. 

The Lord commands the disciples in today’s Gospel: “Go...make disciples of all nations, baptise them…” (Mt 28:19). Let us pray that more children and families will become disciples of the Risen Lord.

Fr JeLo