Sunday 24th July 2016 | 17th Sunday in Ordinary Time

posted Aug 6, 2016, 9:00 PM by Parishes of The Holy Family
In today’s Gospel reading, the Lord teaches the disciples “how to pray” by giving them the Lord’s Prayer, a prayer we know by heart.

Please include in your prayers the World Youth Day 2016 event and the delegates from all over the world who will participate in it.  Pope Francis, in a video message released ahead of the event, addressed the young people: “I am very anxious to meet you and to offer the world a new sign of harmony, a mosaic of different faces, from many races, languages, peoples and cultures, but all united in the name of Jesus, who is the Face of Mercy”. WYD 2016 will take place this week, 25-31 July in Krakow, Poland.

Next Sunday, 31 July is Caring Sunday (Theme: Seeing Christ in Each and Every Individual).  Once again, Catholic Care Foundation, the social arm of the Hamilton Diocese is asking for our prayers and financial support. For those who   haven't yet received an envelope by post and wish to make a donation, appeal envelopes from Catholic Care will be available next Sunday.

Let me share to you the words of Pope Francis on the Lord’s prayer: “When Christians address God as “Our Father” they acknowledge that God created and loves them, but they also recognize that all people are their brothers and sisters.”

Praying for you,
Praying with you,
Fr JeLo